Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Big Reveal

Today, we Skype-d with these beautiful people to discover whether the little "baby Egg" they
re hatching is a boy or a girl. It's pretty cute, with a last name of Van Egmond, that they call the little one Baby Egg. As luck would have it, our Skype video cut out SECONDS before the big reveal--so we missed the live version. But we caught this video, which is awesome:

Bry also sent along some sweet ultrasound videos. Evidently Baby Egg was feeling a bit fiesty, and didn't want to sit still for the 3D imaging, so they didn't get one of those--but they got the standard ultrasound pics, which I'll share here because I'm already deeply in love. I'd say that's a grandma thing, but, seriously, anyone who knows me knows I'm a sucker for a baby. Any baby.

Literally. Any. Baby. And then there's Bryan. Big grin. Seriously. I don't think he could get any more content with life right now. Sure, we're still in kind of a financial fix, but when it comes to what truly matters in life, he's on top of the world. Especially since saying "granddaughter" to him no longer calls up a theoretical, uncertain future. Now we're talking August. September.

Without further ado, here she is:
Standard Profile. Beautiful
Baby Foot
Social Bug. Already sayin' hello!

It's funny. Back in January of 2015 when we had our mini family reunion at Disneyland, Chris, Bryan, and I had a brief conversation about their plans to start a family. No pressure, no rush--of course--just sort of curiosity. And later that day or the next day, I looked at Chris and got the strongest feeling that his first child was going to be a girl. I told Bryan, and a few other people, but just kind of kept it low key. Then in December when Bry called to say she was pregnant I remembered that and thought, "It's a girl!" but I was nice and let them tell us. ;)

Can't wait to meet her!

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