Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Simple Christmas

That's what I want. I don't want a complicated, busy, hectic Christmas.

But, here I am signing books like crazy all December--I've barely done any Christmas shopping and I have ten days before the big day.

The girls are easy to shop for. That's the greatest thing about girls. My boys, actually, aren't that complicated. The thing is, as they get older, their wants get bigger and bigger. And more expensive. Except for that $1.41 power cord my son needs for his game boy. That was awesome. :) I should have gotten two or three.

It's the time I lack. As usual. My days are full of craziness. And it's a good crazy, but it takes up all my time. It's too late to order things for the kids to be shipped here without spending tons of money I don't have anyway, so that option's out. And I tried to do some shopping for them Monday on my way home from my signing--and didn't get to bed until 2am. Not smart.

My simple Christmas idea was born partly from necessity, and partly from a desire that my kids will appreciate the true spirit of the season more if they weren't overwhelmed with toys and things they don't really need. I don't like the idea of raising greedy kids. Which is why the Nativity has been up for weeks, while we have yet to put up the tree.

The necessity aspect of it is simply that we have no space to store anything. The kids' rooms are full of stuff. We have needs--like a new washer and dryer, or a new couch, or new mattresses for the kids--but we don't have a budget for that.

So I have to be smart. And savvy. And creative. Good thing God is on my side, or I'd never make it. :)

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Caledonia Lass said...

You've always been budget smart and savvy. And I dig that about you! Lol! Seriously, I like the quiet Christmas idea as well and as I have been working with kids these past few months, I'm finding out just how much "greedier" our society is getting. It's very sad. We can only pray that people still remember the "Reason for the Season" as the years continue.