Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lost in the Shuffle

My poor little mommy blog. Have I been ignoring you? Aww, sorry.

It's a really good feeling to know we now have a place to move our family. We signed the contract yesterday on a cute upstairs half of a duplex with enough room for everyone, at least in the short term. I can't imagine three teenage boys and two preteen girls fitting in there very well, but for now it will be fine.

I was even thinking this morning about the things I could start moving in and setting up.

Of course, hubby and I both had to get sick this week, so we're about three days behind on our packing. We decided yesterday to wait to move in until the 27th to give ourselves time to get better and get our packing back on track. My poor, sick body just gets tired at the thought.

Tonight is my writers' meeting. That will be a nice diversion. I haven't had time this week to do any writing, what with being miserable and still having home and family to care for. Self imposed deadlines loom in my mind. But, first things first.

Let's get moved.


Jack Roberts, Annabelle's scribe said...

Hang in there! It'll get better. :)

The Step In Mom. . . said...

I get nauseous at the thought of moving anymore... good luck to you! Hope you feel better!

AprilC - GaFlyGirl said...

Thanks for the follow! I am your newest follower! Good luck with the move. Hope you get to feeling better. I have been sick with the sinus/allergy junk. It has not been a pretty picture but I finally got caught up on most of the house today... just need to finish up master bedroom and mount wash-more! LOL
Hope you had a wonderful Easter!

Cheri Chesley said...

HI all, and thanks!