Wednesday, April 27, 2011


My brother sent me an email yesterday. He's speaking about mothers and motherhood in church for Mother's Day, and wants to know the good side of being a mother.

I haven't answered him, yet.

It's not that I don't know what the good things about being a mother are, it's just that I struggle to express them properly.

This is what he wants: Can you each email me with a description of the benefits of
motherhood? What are the good things you, personally, have enjoyed
from being a mom?

His goal is to get his mom, grandma and sister (me) to weigh in on this, so he has a multi-generational picture to share with the congregation.

I feel a responsibility to show motherhood in it's proper light, but he only wants the good stuff (kidding, lol). How do I properly portray how I've always wanted to be a mommy, but how I didn't want to have as many kids as my mom because she never seemed to have time for us all? And then, how it ended up not mattering anyway because God has his own ideas about things like that. :)

What about how it feels to feel the first flutterings of life inside you? Or the bond that forms when you hold your child close, whether you can nurse them or not? Or the amazing feeling of giving birth (or at least the aftermath), when they put that squalling, wriggly baby on your belly and you've never seen anything so beautiful in your entire life (even though it's a gooey mess lol)? Or the heart-stopping moments after they take the baby out and before you hear his or her first sounds?

How about the ways you find to relate to each child individually, because they are each so unique? And yet, you still subject them to the same house rules and guidelines, because everyone has to learn to get along in this world.

Sigh. I'd better get started. Mother's Day is only 2 Sundays away.


Cluttered Brain said...

Good luck Cheri.
Yes Motherhood is a tough journey, but funny thing is i wouldn't trade it in for anything..No matter how frustrating it is to teach the kiddos a lesson.
No matter how many times I have to teach them....
it doesnt take me that long to learn something does it?

Karen said...

Moments that changed me --
When I left the hospital with my first son and THEY JUST LET ME GO. As if I knew what I was doing. As if I could be entrusted with another person. And then I realized I was. I had to be. For him.

When my second child was born. This time I felt afraid that perhaps somehow there wouldn't be enough room in my heart. That I might not love them quite the same. Then I looked at her and my heart GREW.

When my third child was born...stillborn. And I appreciated life and motherhood like never before.

When my 4th was born-inches from death. And I felt more grateful than ever I had been.

When my 5th was born- and our family felt complete. We felt real purpose and unity as we watched the big ones nurture this new lil one.

The point is that we aren't perfect, but we grow because of them. We are closer to divine because of them. Motherhood gives us a taste of the difficulty, love, and joy that is parenthood (and godhood).

Is anyone still reading? Sorry so long!