Friday, September 25, 2009

Little Things Mean A LOT

A couple of weeks ago, my stepdaughter texted me a cryptic question. "What size shirt do you wear?" This week the question was, "How long does it take mail to get from here to there, or there to here?"

Thursday I received a package. In it was the shirt pictured on this blog.

It's probably not a huge deal to most people, but to me it meant that she really does know me. She doesn't know the detailed history I have with this movie, but she does know I like it. A LOT. And that works for me.

Labyrinth was the movie I best identified with as a child. The very first version of my book, The Peasant Queen, was heavily influenced by my love for that movie. Over time the story evolved until now the only remnant of the movie is my hero is named Jareth. (yeah, I know the bad guy in the movie has that name but I like it, and I liked him for the most part)

I love the movie. I love the shirt. And I love her. It's a good thing.


Marsha said...

How awesome is that?

A gift of love or respect from a stepkid is a hard and well-earned thing. It's different for we stepparents than it is with a natural parent where the love is there and taken for granted. The bond w their bio parent exists by birthright generally.

A stepparent has to work hard to prove themselves, to make a relationship where none exists, sometimes against all odds when the opposing natural parent belittles you to the child, and such stuff. It takes a lot of hurdles to build that relationship of mutual trust, so kudos to you!

Cheri Chesley said...

Thank you. It's been a long and difficult road, but she's so worth it.

Don said...

LOVE Labyrinth! Such a wonderfully quirky movie. The soundtrack is featured prominently on my iPod.

Can't seem to get my kids or wife to watch it with me, though. (sigh)