Monday, June 29, 2009

10 Things NEVER to say to your Mom

Some of these are trial and error realizations. I'm not going to tell you which ones though.

10. "I didn't do it." (this especially doesn't work when you're an only child)

9. "It was the dog." (Again, think before you use it. You might not have a dog)

8. "But you said I could." (if she's calling you on it, she either doesn't remember or never said it)

7. "It was broken when I got here."

6. "What $20?"

5. "I didn't know I was grounded."

4. "And he just got out of prison last week! Isn't he sweet?"

3. "I'm never having children." (think--she's been waiting for retribution since your terrible 2's)

2. "The good news is, the kitchen is no longer on fire."

And 1. "The bad news is..."

But mostly I'm just playing around. :)

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